viernes, diciembre 23, 2005

EUROHARP project

Implementation of the Water Framework Directive calls, inter alia, for harmonised methodologies/tools to quantify nutrient losses from diffuse sources. EUROHARP will compare the performance of nine quantification tools by applying them on a large number of European-wide catchments, located in a network of 17 catchments throughout Europe.

The project has 22 partners from 17 countries and is co-ordinated by Norwegian Institute for water research (NIVA).

This web-site will enable you to be updated of the EUROHARP progress throughout the four-year project period. This web-site will be used for dissemination purposes, but also as a meeting point for those of you who are interested in the scientific challenge of an intercomparison of contrasting methodologies used to quantify diffuse losses of nutrients, in order to form an objective judgement of their performance under different agricultural, geophysical and hydrological conditions throughout Europe.

Calculation of Agricultural Nitrogen Quantity for EU River Basins

Catchment Report:Guadiamar, Spain. Trend Analysis, Retention and Source Apportionment


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