jueves, enero 26, 2006

Algoritmo para el Análisis Coste-Eficacia de la DMA

The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) establishes the framework for the water
quality protection in EU. This legislation defines the use of the “Cost-Effectiveness Analysis” (CEA) for the identification of the least cost related management measures (WFD, Article 5, Annex III) and requires involvement and close cooperation with users (WFD, Article 14).
Within these principles a practical and simple algorithm is constructed for the user-friendly presentation of the cost-effective measures, applied for the decrease of the water pollution by agricultural run-off. Furthermore, in the disseminated information to users, regarding the CEA procedures, data for the estimation of the cost of a measure should be also included.

El artículo es de Barbara Zanou en la página de la EWA

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