viernes, marzo 03, 2006

UK. Opportunity to represent the leisure marine industry on your river basin district Liaison Panels

The Environment Agency is planning to set up "Liaison Panels" for each of the river basin districts in England and Wales as required under the Water Framework Directive. Each panel will consist of up to 15 representatives. Of the 15 places, 9 will be taken up by representatives including the Environment Agency, Local Authorities and Water Companies. An additional 6 places are available to reflect areas considered to be a priority within the river basin and to ensure the relevant range of interests have an opportunity to influence the associated plans.

The work of the Liaison Panel will include agreeing what the significant issues are, indicating what measures are likely to be required to manage the river basin to achieve the requirements of the water framework directive. There will also review the implementation of the Directive, and provide a link to both local and national levels.

The Environment Agency has invited the British Marine Federation to put forward a list of representatives to sit on each of the Liaison Panels, which will take a strategic view. BMF will be represented at National level and it is really important we have regional representation as well. The Panels will meet at least 3 times a year from mid-2006.

A series of workshops is being run across England and Wales between March and April 2006. A decision will not be made on the panels at the workshop, but will be agreed by the end of April.

If you or anyone you know has a interest in the environment and local issues and would like to represent our industry at a river basin level, please contact Brian Clark, Environment Executive, for further information

For a map of the River Basin Districts, click here


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