jueves, marzo 23, 2006

WatER, midiendo los niveles de agua vía satélite

More than 150 scientists from more than 20 countries have proposed an Earth Explorer hydrology mission called Water Elevation Recovery (WatER), which aims to determine how water storage varies in space and time.

WatER will use an interferometric altimeter, which will allow it to measure elevations over a 120 kilometre wide swath and therefore map the world's water bodies repeatedly in less than a week.

Dr. Nelly Mognard of CNES, lead scientist for WatER, said: “WatER is designed to meet high priority targets for all nations and will provide essential data for the EU Water Framework Directive. WatER will meet the United Nations’ call for a ‘greater focus on water related issues.’”

Vía Scenta.

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