martes, abril 18, 2006

Escocia e Inglaterra centran sus esfuerzos en la agricultura

Escocia se plantea implicar a todos los stakeholders en el cumplimiento más estricto de la legislación:

"There's a massive challenge ahead to educate, inform and involve farmers in the process."

Once the broad objectives and priority areas had been established, it would then be down to individual catchment officers to help farmers develop practical remedial measures (such as buffer strips, ponds, reduced fertiliser use) on-farm.

En Inglaterra temen retroceder a la Edad Media para cumplir la Directiva:

Prof Roger Sylvester-Bradley, who is responsible for fertiliser research at Adas, said: "We have reached a point where good water and good farming don't match in a large tract of land down the east side of the country.

"Generally, it is presumed that good farming practice will deliver good water. But we believe this will not be enough.

"All the evidence indicates a much more fundamental challenge faces the main arable regions of Europe: for good water, we must stop cropping."


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