viernes, junio 16, 2006

Water policy: EU challenges

The effects of water scarcity are being felt closer to home than ever before, but are we in the throes of a world water crisis?

Previewing the upcoming Friends of Europe/European Water Partnership high level policy summit later this month, Peter Vereijken asks why the challenges of solving the world’s water problems are so intractable, when we know the results will transform the lives of millions.

The world’s glaciers are melting and water tables are being drained dry, leaving whole nations with the prospect of turning thirsty, says Satu Hassi MEP.

Peter Wilderer believes that today there are now more incentives than ever to explore new and innovative methods of problem solving in the battle to beat the world’s looming water crisis.

Europe needs strong EU action to ensure that our water is of the highest quality, argues the parliament’s Groundwater Directive rapporteur Christa Klass MEP.



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